Jedco Building Inc.

Our mission is to assure every client receives the highest standards available in construction today.

Through sound engineering practices based on the latest scientific research and superb craftsmanship, we create the ultimate in quality buildings, both commercial and residential. 

No project too big… or too small… Give us a call


Exceptional Value …… based on the customer’s requirements and Jedco’s high quality standards. We understand that a home or commercial building  is a significant investment, and we strive to ensure that your investment is maximized without compromising quality

Exceptional Service …… that is sensitive to the needs of our customers. While many contractors are all talk, JEDCO has always taken great pride in our ability to listen. This helps us to understand what our customers want and expect, and we work diligently to deliver nothing less.

Experienced people provide quality projects.

Thank you for considering JEDCO as the contractor for your next project.

We build with a promise in mind.

A promise to use what we believe is the best material for the money and the best for the job.

A promise to make the kind of building, addition or renovation that both you and we can be proud of for years to come. 



Commercial  Construction

JEDCO is Alle-Kiski area’s preferred commercial builder

Build it Right…. Build it to Last


Type of Projects

  • New Construction
  • Renovation and Maintenance
  • Customized Safety Systems


Our many years of experience with everything from manufacturing facilities, steel mills,  medical centers, laboratory clean rooms, fitness centers; make us the best choice for working on your business.

Grocery Stores, dental offices, therapy centers and steel manufacturing plants in the area have all been our repeat customers.

We like to help our customer solve problems, and one way is through some of our safety innovations. We have created various safety systems for use in manufacturing facilities and production plants. These systems are designed to enhance worker safety or provide enhanced performance. We  have also assisted with your companies facility engineering department take on takes beyond their scope.


Let us help you make your commercial project a success!


RESIDENTIAL Construction

JEDCO is Alle-Kiski area’s premier residential and commercial builder

Gracious Homes – your plans or ours – Breathtakingly Beautiful


Best Homes at the Best Value

We sincerely believe that in any one of our homes you get the best value available anywhere. The hundreds of happy families that have purchased our homes are living proof of the fact that we offer you more value in homes of highest quality.

We understand that each home must be as individual as the family who lives in it. But, individualism is not just something that starts with the building process, It all starts with your ideas. We work with you, developing pencil sketches or design ideas into architectural drawings. Together, we can decide on finishes, appliances, fixtures that will individualize your home even more.

As a result, your home will be as individual as you are, a true reflection of your values and dreams, and a source of pride for years to come.

A Professional Business Relationship …

 that provides for open communication and reaffirm JEDCO’s professional integrity as a first-rate general contractor who focuses on the needs of the customer first and foremost. We put our reputation on the line with every project, and will settle for nothing less than performance excellence.



Green Design and Sustainable Building

JEDCO cares about you, your family and our global family as well. That’s why we always have been a builder involved with sustainable concepts, and green design. From high efficiency appliances, to great insulation and building envelopes, we work to conserve the energy your building consumes, which insures your building will have fewer operating costs in the future, which is that largest cost of building ownership